Natural resources

Many refer to the seafood industry as the new oil of Norway, and Veridian Corporate has employees with operational experience in the field. Veridian Corporate recently assisted the seafood company Norwegian Shores with a highly successful fundraising campaign.

Traditional agriculture is in constant change, and we are seeing a lasting shift towards local, organic, and specialised food producers. This is a shift that Veridian Corporate is highly interested in being a part of and a sector that is very well-suited for fundraising.

The gravel industry is dominated by the larger parties, who have all made a number of acquisitions over the past ten years. There are major synergies in a larger system in which the cost structure and price profile are relatively predictable. There is a sales volume that greatly affects company results. We know the industry, and we have assisted with sales, valuation, and as an expert witness in a court of law.


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Veridian Corporate provides consulting for corporate mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, and other financial assistance.

Our creativity, experience, and methodical approach generate added value for our clients. Veridian Corporate strives to maintain in-depth knowledge and a broad network of relevant parties in select industries.