Is a sale of the company being considered, or have possible buyers shown interest in the company?

There are many reasons to sell a business, but ultimately it is about being well-prepared for optimising the result of a company transaction. At Veridian Corporate, we have extensive experience assisting companies prior to starting a sale process and advising value-generating activities at the company.

Veridian Corporate AS offers:

  • We offer analysis of the company to make the present situation visible and to discuss different actions/opportunities that may yield added value for the current shareholders. Our analysis is based on cost versus use-value. It may often be enough to make the action visible to the buyer, and not all measures will necessarily be implemented.
  • Our recommendation is for measures that make value visible, whether accounting or operational and organisational changes. For example, this could mean reorganisation, recruitment, relocation, refinancing, changes to the product portfolio, etc. A review of a company will typically reveal areas that require formalisation, such as work contracts, rental contracts, insurance agreements, and more. The sum of the measures will assure a buyer that the company is operating by normal business principles and that the buyer’s risk is transparent and manageable.

  • In many cases, our knowledge of the transaction market allows us to make recommendations that specify the business in line with what potential buyers seek. This will make it easier for a possible buyer to start a process.
Veridian Corporate AS

About us

Veridian Corporate provides consulting for corporate mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, and other financial assistance.

Our creativity, experience, and methodical approach generate added value for our clients. Veridian Corporate strives to maintain in-depth knowledge and a broad network of relevant parties in select industries.