The company requires external capital to realise its growth strategy.

Veridian Corporate is not licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority for capital raising.

However, we can assist in a consulting capacity to ensure that the company itself can raise all the capital that is needed to realise its growth plans. This entails making the capital needs of the company visible and the financing strategy that can work. There is a big difference between debt and equity, between different investor groups and lenders, and how these should be handled and worked with. Professional investors such as funds and family offices will have a completely different approach to investment than strategic investors or investors who belong to the fundraising segments.

Preparation of investor presentations, prospectus, and investor target groups

Veridian Corporate assists companies with preparing valuation models and marketing materials based on the selected capitalisation strategy. A good description of the company and its opportunities is essential for successfully raising capital.

Doing a thorough job presenting the company in an efficient, informative, and visual manner boosts the likelihood of a successful process. This may also be through video, press releases, and digital marketing in cooperation with our partners, where appropriate. We also prepare a prospectus in cases where the company has a duty of disclosure in the prospectus and will assist with registering this.

In parallel with the preparation of marketing materials as described, we are also happy to assist the company with identifying relevant target groups that the company may contact to raise capital.

Strategic support for share issues, fundraising, and other strategic opportunities that entail the infusion of capital

In the share issue process, we support the company’s capital raising. This involves support for preparing letters of intent, subscription forms, and transaction documents. Suppose the company wishes to raise more money via a fundraising platform. In that case, we can assist by organising the company’s platform, which can be used repeatedly, preparing a solid marketing strategy for a successful campaign, and planning life after the share issue is in place.

In addition to our experience in the equity market, we have experience with and a vast network of contacts in various banks. Here, we are also familiar with the requirements imposed by the banks and what financing opportunities this provides beyond pure equity.

Our knowledge of the transaction market often allows us to provide unique and creative recommendations that optimise the process.

A well-documented presentation document is important for properly presenting the company.

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Veridian Corporate provides consulting for corporate mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, and other financial assistance.

Our creativity, experience, and methodical approach generate added value for our clients. Veridian Corporate strives to maintain in-depth knowledge and a broad network of relevant parties in select industries.