The team at Veridian Corporate handles both technical, niche-oriented trading companies (B2B) and companies that sell to consumers (B2C). It has several profiled references, including support for the construction goods chain Byggtorget in connection with its sale to Mestergruppen and Diplom-Is in the acquisition of Isdalen.

Typical traits of B2B trading companies:

  • Often active in import/agency, wholesale, distribution
  • High product expertise in their niche
  • High product quality and level of service
  • Attractive margins
  • Absence of research and development costs
  • Reduced need for development means
  • Good profit opportunities

We know communities that have specialised in acquiring and further developing both B2B and B2C trading companies.


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About us

Veridian Corporate provides consulting for corporate mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, and other financial assistance.

Our creativity, experience, and methodical approach generate added value for our clients. Veridian Corporate strives to maintain in-depth knowledge and a broad network of relevant parties in select industries.