Professional service firms

Professional service firms are characterised by the fact that the company’s value is based on the knowledge of the employees. The company can build a system value by achieving a certain size. These building systems do not depend on individuals; establishing quality systems, approvals, framework agreements, etc., makes the business more robust as a company and less dependent on any one person. The industry has low barriers to entry, and culture/well-being is key to keeping people in the organisation. Veridian is a professional service firm, and we know from experience where the shoe pinches with regard to critical success criteria in building professional service firms.

Professional service firms also faced major changes after the pandemic, with increased work from home, employees who move to other parts of the country and work locally, increased difficulty in building a culture, training new employees, etc.


Veridian Corporate AS

About us

Veridian Corporate provides consulting for corporate mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, and other financial assistance.

Our creativity, experience, and methodical approach generate added value for our clients. Veridian Corporate strives to maintain in-depth knowledge and a broad network of relevant parties in select industries.